The damages caused by frozen water pipes can be catastrophic. Just one burst pipe in a home running at 4-8 gallons a minute from a burst pipe can do tens of thousands of pound damage in a matter of minutes, let alone the following mold mitigation problem. Once you have had a major water leak in your home, your insurance company may even cancel your coverage and you may lose your ability to obtain homeowners insurance.

Repairing damaged pipes before the winter months can help towards avoiding the hassle of frozen pipes altogether. Vortex engineers, as emergency drainage & plumbing experts, can come to your London, Surrey or Kent located household and repair damaged taps/pipes with no charge for calling us out.

Burst, Frozen, Leaking or Broken Pipes in Kent, Surrey & London?

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Burst, Frozen, Leaking or Broken Pipes in Dartford (Kent), Surrey & London