What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High pressure water jets are industrial tools in which a large stream of water is pumped to a focused point (eg inside a blocked drain or pipe) in order to clear a blockage quickly and efficiently. Water jetting is a fast, clean and environmentally friendly solution to your blocked drains in Kent.

High Pressure Water Jetting Kent

Drain Jetting: Long-Term Solution to Blocked Drains

Drains in your domestic or commercial property will become blocked over time due to accumulation of grease, fat and hair, amongst others, which results in the water flow struggling to navigate through a blockage. By using high pressure water jetting, we can efficiently disperse the blockage that has caused the issue without using chemicals.

Here at Vortex Drainage and Plumbing, we understand that blocked drains can be a real problem and are committed to helping you get your life back on track with minimal disruption. We can easily handle a blocked drain, whatever the cause may be and have the equipment necessary to handle any issue, no matter how big this is.

Our Canterbury drainage engineers are highly trained and qualified to use the water jetting units, which ensures that your blocked drains are effectively cleaned. We guarantee that our high-pressure water jetting service will be able to clear any blockage that has built up. This means that your drains will be thoroughly cleared and fully restored to function normally. After the drain clearing, we can provide advice for measures to be taken to avoid having a blockage again.

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A Long-Term Solution to Your Blocked Drains