Vortex Plumbing provides a wide range of emergency plumbing services, which are all undertaken and completed to the highest standard. With a wealth of plumbing experience, a diligent work ethic and professionalism, we ensure that any plumbing issue you are experiencing is dealt with effectively.

Our services are used by domestic and commercial clients in Kent. The engineers are armed with the appropriate equipment to undertake a wide range of plumbing services. From installing washing machines to fixing burst water pipes, we have experience in resolving any plumbing trouble that you are experiencing. So whether its one

Before any work is begun, a thorough inspection of your plumbing issue will be undertaken to allow us to ascertain the most suited solution. A no obligation quote for the work will be supplied after the diagnosis and recommended solution has been determined.

Our Plumbing Services

Fix plumbing emergencies quickly and efficiently. Our emergency engineers can help you with any plumbing drama, of any size, at any time. So if you’ve got a leak or burst pipe, can’t turn off a tap, have water supply pipe problems or can’t find your stop cock, we can help. And as well as fixing the problem. In details our services include:

  • Leaking, Frozen & Burst Pipes
  • Taps, Tanks & Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Immersions & Shower Pumps
  • Toilet & Ball Valves
  • Washing Machines & Dishwashers Installation
  • Boiler Installations

For any issues with your plumbing, don’t hesitate to get in contact. We offer a FREE 24 hour callout charge, which means we will be quick to respond to any troubles and have it dealt with promptly.

Why Choose Vortex Drainage & Plumbing Experts

No problem is too small or too big for Vortex. Whether it’s a fault with your water supply pipes, water pumps or tanks, cisterns, or a burst, leaking, or frozen pipe, we?re available 24/7, 365 days a year to get things back to normal. We know you’ll be stressed, but you can relax knowing that we can fix the problem with the minimum of disruption and at the highest quality.

A Professional, Considerate Approach

At Vortex Plumbing, we fully understand how important your home is to you. We’ll work hard not only to isolate and fix the problem fully, but also to protect you, your family, and your home, particularly where there is a water leak. We?re a national network represented by local experts, so our plumbers are available quickly but with the expertise of an established business. Contact us to speak with an Emergency Plumber in Kent today!

A Free Quote, Fixed Pricing and Good Advice

Our plumbers are all highly qualified and take pride in their work, so we guarantee any job for 90 days. Our plumbers will give you a free quote on the spot for the job as soon as they arrive, and will keep you up to date with work, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. We will always aim to give you good advice on how to protect your plumbing in the future.

Safeguards – Surestop Switch Installation

To guard against burst pipes, a Surestop switch can be installed anywhere so that you can switch off your water supply instantly, rather than struggling with an inaccessible, or rusted stopcock – ideal for those with reduced mobility. The Autostopcock leak detection and water shut off device can also help protect your home from the risk of flood damage from a burst pipe.

Bathroom Improvements – Add Value to Your House

Sprucing up your bathroom is one way to really modernise your house, as well as add value for a future sale, without breaking the bank. Vortex Plumbing have years of expertise when it comes to installations, whether that’s taps, showers or more, we pride ourselves in minimising any disruption to you or your family.

Bathroom Installation – Sourcing & Fitting

You may not need an emergency plumber in Kent, fortunately our engineers are experts in all types of bathroom plumbing regardless of the urgency. Whatever you need, our plumbers can deliver, whether it’s the installation of a full bathroom suite, a new shower or taps or even putting in additional bathroom cabinets. At Vortex Plumbing, we can manage the whole process for you including sourcing and fitting, minimising the stress and hassle of work in your home.

Taps and Showers – Tidy Up Your Bathroom

If you want to just tidy up your bathroom without having any major work done, why not think about installing a new set of taps or a new shower? If you can’t decide on a set, why not speak to one of our engineers to see the range that Vortex Plumbing can supply? We can fit any choice that you select, meaning that your house can benefit from a fresh look without the expense of replacing the whole bathroom.

Highly Trained Plumbers – Strict Safety Standards

Our plumbers are all trained to Vortex’s high national standards, with continuous refreshment and focus on specialist areas, so you can be confident in the quality of their work. Whatever job you’ve called them in for, our Emergency Plumbers Kent will finish it to the highest quality while working under the strictest safety standards, protecting you, your home and most importantly your family.

Cut Down Your Annual Water Bill – FREE Advice

Our plumbers can also provide advice on saving money on your bills whilst doing your bit for the environment. Converting your toilet to a dual flush, installing new shower heads, tap inserts or shower timers can all reduce water usage and stop wastage. This can make a big difference to your annual water bills and help save you money, especially if you’re on a water meter.

Kitchen Plumbing Improvements – Modernise Your House

Sprucing up your bathroom is one way to really modernise your house, as well as add value for a future sale, without breaking the bank. Vortex Plumbing have years of expertise when it comes to installations, whether that’s taps, showers or more, we pride ourselves in minimising any disruption to you or your family

Experts in Kitchen Plumbing – The Heart of Our Houses

Kitchens are the heart of our homes, a central place around which much of our lives revolve. So if you’re thinking about updating or improving yours in any way, either to change its look or with a view to selling your home, trust Vortex Plumbing to help with your plans.

Skilled Plumbers For All Your Jobs

Our skilled plumbers can take care of any job you need doing. Whether it’s something simple like a new dishwasher that needs plumbing in, a washing machine fitted, the installation of new taps, an emergency involving a burst pipe or a leaking tap, our plumbers can be there to help you out.

Local Plumbing Experts in Your Area

Our plumbers are all trained to our high Vortex Plumbing standards and have the expertise to take on any kitchen plumbing job. They’re local to you, and you can call on them 24/7, 365 days a year to help you out. Whatever the job, you can rest assured that they’ll complete it effectively and safely.

Proactive Solutions to Potential Problems

Our plumbers can also recommend proactive solutions to potential problems. In an emergency you may need to quickly shut off the water supply but many stopcocks are inaccessible or inoperable. We can install Surestop or Autostopcock, simple devices installed anywhere in the house that switch off your water instantly so as to limit damage from burst or leaking pipes. Our Emergency Plumber Kent service is the best choice for protecting your porperty.

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